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Facility Design and Construction Standards, List of Standards (5-Digit)

DivisionDocument NamePDFRevision DateDocument TitleTypeArchive
0000000CP.docFront End TemplateCP
0101331C.docxComputer Aided Design (Cad) Deliverable GuidelinesC
0101341C.docFm Global CriteriaC
0101500CP.docTemporary Facilities And ControlsCP
0101501CP.docProtection Of The Public During ConstructionCP
0101701CPPR.docBuilding Systems Identification & LabelingCPPR
0101702P.docMaterial Storage RequirementsP
0101780C.docBrown University Survey Control StandardsC
1010260C.docWall And Corner GuardsC
1515001C.docPlumbing Engineering GuidelinesC
1515001PPRS.docPlumbing And Fire Protection Trade PreferencesPPRS
1515114PPR.docPlumbing Riser Isolation ValvesPPR
1515140CPPRS.docDomestic Water PipingCPPRS
1515141CPPR.docBackflow Preventers (Reduced Pressure)CPPR
1515142CPPR.docBackflow Preventers (Double Check Valves)CPPR
1515143CP.docWater Service Run-In PipingCP
1515150CP.docSanitary Drainage PipingCP
1515151P.docTrap Primers Performance RequirementsP
1515152S.docGrease InterceptorsS
1515160P.docStormwater PipingP
1515161PR.docFloor And Roof DrainsPR
1515300C.docFactory Mutual Fire Protection CriteriaC
1515301C.docSprinkler Hydraulics For A/E FirmsC
1515302C.docSprinkler Hydraulics For ContractorsC
1515304C.docSprinkler Hydraulics For Restoration And RenovationC
1515310PPR.docFire Protection PipingPPR
1515412CP.docEmergency Eye Wash & ShowersCP
1515415PR.docToilet SeatsPR
1515441CPPR.docSump PumpsCPPR
1515442CPPR.docHot Pit EjectorsCPPR
1515443CP.docSewage Ejectors Proprietary Based RequirementsCP
1515480P.docDomestic Hot Water Gas Fired HeatersP
1515481P.docDomestic Hot Water Indirect HTHW Heat ExchangerP