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Project Initiation Form

Click here to download the electronic Project Initiation form.  This form is required when requesting any of our services.  Email the completed form to 

Please fill this form out completely and accurately so we have all the information needed to begin properly planning your project for successful cost effective completion and save valuable time in the process. Provide the latest in hand delivery date for your requested material as your due date. If due dates vary based on multiple deliverables, please include each due date next to each item description in the project details section of the form. Having true final due dates allows us to properly plan for the many requests we receive. We appreciate your understanding on this and thank you in advance.

We keep an extensive electronic archive of your past projects, but will require the past project number in order to quickly retrieve it.  Provide this number in the space provided if you are referencing a past project.

Please note that if you are supplying files for your project, you are required to check the acknowledgement provided on the form.  This is in accordance with the Brown Image Use policy. Click here to review the policy.

Our team will contact you with the assigned project number.  We will include this project number in the subject line of all project communication and ask that you please do the same.  If you are requesting our design services, you will be alerted to which one of our talented designers has been assigned to your project.  Our project coordinator will supply a tentative schedule that will indicate key stakeholder milestones to meet your in hand completion date, and inquire about any outstanding questions.  Depending on the scope of your project, we will coordinate a kick off meeting with all stakeholders.

We look forward to working with you!