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Brown First

The ‘Brown First’ program implemented FY02 has been enormously successful in supporting the President’s ‘Plan for Academic Enrichment’. Senior administration remains committed to the program as the savings and financial contribution it generates support the academic objectives of the University.

‘Brown First’ calls for university-wide centralization of print, mailing services, signs, promotional items, quick print, wide format printing, posters, indoor or outdoor banners, and copier/multifunction office equipment contracts through Graphic Services. More information about Graphic Services is available at:

Additionally, ‘Brown First’ calls for Dining Services to provide all food and catering services including large and small full- service catering, food and beverage delivery, set-up and clean-up, and last-minute express orders to the Brown community. The full range of dining services and new offerings is described at:

The ‘Brown First’ centralization program provides the first and preferred opportunity for Graphic Services and Dining Services to meet the aforementioned needs of Brown departments enabling the University to retain substantial funds previously spent off-campus. In addition, centralization results in improved price negotiating leverage with our off-campus preferred vendor partners.

Graphic Services and Dining Services will continue to meet departmental needs with in-house staff and facilities. In the event auxiliary services are unable to meet customer’s needs in-house, Graphic Services will place your order with a qualified external vendor and oversee the process from beginning to end and Dining Services will direct you to an approved external vendor and provide an approval code to ensure payment of the purchase order. The Purchasing Card may not be used for graphic services with the sole exception being out of town emergency copying. The only appropriate use of the Purchasing Card with respect to food is the purchase of groceries for University business.

We thank the entire Brown community for their part in making this program such a success and ask to you ensure all members of your staff remain aware of ‘Brown First‘. Continued success of the program and its positive financial contribution to the University is dependent on your ongoing support.