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Mail Center

Graphic Services Mail Center is equipped to handle all your campus and U.S.P.S. mailing needs from electronic addressing and insertion through delivery to the U.S. Post Office or Faunce Mail Room.

Graphic Services Mail Center Provides:

  • Postal regulation consultation
  • Electronic addressing
  • Campus mail
  • U.S. mail
  • Presort mail
  • Zip sorting
  • Hard match
  • Insertion
  • Fulfillment
  • Metering
  • Mail merge

Human Resources label lists include:

  • Faculty & staff box #s
  • Academic & administrative heads box #s
  • Medical & hospital based faculty box #s

Only Brown University departments may utilize the Human Resources label list for official university business.

E-mail your tab or comma delimited electronic addresses to and reference your Graphic Services requisition number in the subject line of your email.

Questions? Call 863-9844.