2012 Acquisitions

2012-1- Virginia A. Williamson – Gift of 4 Pueblo ceramics

2012-2 – Anna M. Cooper. Heath – Asante Sasabonsam Figure

2012-3 – Anna Cooper. Heath – Shipibo Storage Jar

2012-4- Dwight & Anna Cooper. Heath – 15 African Objects and a Chinese silver necklace

2012-5 – (Anonymous Donor) – Nubian beaded skirt and two fly wisks    

2012-6 – Larry Gilson – Gift of Lingam Stone

2012-7 – Joseph, Max, and Tenessa Karmozyn - Chartier – Gift of Coptic Egyptian necklace

2012-8 – Richard & Judith Plotz – Trobriand Island dance wand

2012-9 – Richard A. & Lois H. Cole – Papua New Guinea Drum

2012-10 – Howard & Jone Pasha Morrison – Gift of 28 Ethnographic artifacts

2012-11 – Erich B. Konrad – Gift of 10 gourds from Peru

2012-12 – Oxib’ B’atz’ – Purchase of two contemporary Guatemalan textiles

2011 Acquisitions

2011-1- Beverly Weihe – Gift of 29 Liberian artifacts

2011-2 – American Museum of Natural History Transfer – 9 Plaster busts

2011-3 – Alan E. & Marianne F. Schwartz – Gift of 19 Mexican and Central American Pre-Columbian artifacts

2011-4- Joanna Foster Coppola – Gift of Balinese woven palm figure & palm leaf book

2011-5 – William Twaddell – Gift of 4 Bogolan textiles from Kolokani, Mali           

2011-6 – Christy Delair – Field Collection of 63 contemporary objects from Taiwan

2011-7 – Margot Blum Schevill – Gift of 130 Guatemalan textiles

2011-8 – Marcia R. Lieberman – Collection of 46 photographs of Kathmandu, Nepal

2011-9 – Robert & Sara Reichley – Serigraph of Pueblo antelope dancer and a rubbing of a Maya relief of a ball player

2011-10 – Jenks Museum Transfer – 6 Etruscan ceramic vessels

2011-11 – (Anonymous Donors) – Gift of Pre-Columbian Colima figure, Olmec bowl, and two Huastec figures

2011-12 – John Bockstoce – Inuit soapstone lamp, ulu, and a book

2011-13 – Ewing Family – Gift of ten Native American, Plains and Subarctic artifacts

2011-14 – Katherine Smith – Field collection of Haitian Voodoo Material

2008-2009 Acquisitions

Aboubacar S. Kaba. Mask/headdress, Ode-Lay association.  Portloko, makene district, Republic of Sierra Leone.

Anne Hausrath. Rubbing of a May stelae.  Dos Pilas el Peten, Guatemala.

David G. Rikerby.  Pre-Columbian figure, Quimbaya, Columbia; six “betty” lamps, Maroon, Suriname; two bows a set of arrows and a comb, Zarate, Brazil.

William and Anna Colaiace.  Mask, Guadalajara, Mexico; Baskets, khol case, women’s wedding costume and necklace, southern Egypt; Baskets and khol container, Mali; baskets, Yemen.

Professor Emeritus, Dwight B. Heath and Anna Cooper Heath. Architectural singa carving, Toba Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia. Donated in honor of Stanley Simon, M.D.

Benjamin J. Gilson, M.D. 19th century pipe bag decorated with quillwork. Great Plains.

Professor Alfred Decredico.  Donations from the Decredico Family Collection.  Helmet mask, possibly Limba, Republic of Sierra Leone.  “Agbada” robe, Yoruba, Nigeria.  Mask with knife superstructure and a black antelope mask and a red antelope mask, Eastern Pende, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Norine Duncan, Brown ??.  Collection of thirteen ethnographic objects from Africa and the Americas.

Erick Tulman. Early burl bowl, New England.

Mr. Barnet and Jean Fain. Pre-Columbian Maya Polychrome cylinder vessel.  Collection of twenty-two dance masks, Guatemala.

Eileen McCuster McDermott.  Twenty four artifacts collected on Ponape, Truk and Uman Is., U.S. Trust Territory, South Pacific.

Anonymous.  Collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts: Mixtec bichrome urn, Mexico; Maya urn depicting a solar deity, Quiche, Guatemala; Pair of  “sonriente” figures, Veracruz, Mexico;  Female figure, Nopiloa, Veracruz; Terra cotta mask, Quimbaya or Kalima, Columbia.

Paul A. Cohen.  Pre-Columbian stone figure of a warrior, Costa Rica.

Professor Philip and Marcia R. Lieberman.  Two “Tanka” painting, Nepal.

Ronald D. Normandeau.  Collection of five Pre-Columbian figures from Jalisco and Colima, Mexico.

Mary Katherine Burton-Jones.  Collection of eight ethnographic artifacts from Africa and the Pacific.

Edward King.  Collection of archaeological lithics, Rhode Island.

Valerie Fisher.  Collection of archival material and a brass casting from Ghana.

Susan Farnum Nichols.  Neckerchief slide, inscribed “Presented by the Haffenreffer Family”, Narragansett Pow-wow Mount Hope, Bristol, RI 1946. Donated in the memory of Stephen Edward Farnum.

Carol and Atle Gjelsvik.  Pot, Acoma Pueblo, Arizona.

Lucy Chang.  Collection of Chinese books, rubbings, scrolls and a water pipe.

Professor Walter Feldman.  Collection of Old World Archaeology, Europe.  Collection of pre-Columbian terra cotta figurines, Mexico, Pre-Columbian ear spools, Chimu, Peru and a book “Ancient Mexico in Miniature.”

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosenthal.  Thirteen contemporary Inuit sculptures.

Marcia R. Lieberman.  Collection of 148 photographs of Laos and Ladakh.

Robert W. Barnett.  Three masks, Mexico.  Collected by Edward MacLean, 1950s.

Mrs. Theckla Snell.  Three Pre-Columbian figurines, Ecuador.  Collected in 1958-59.

Dr. David and Linda DiCecco.  A woman’s outfit, a men’s outfit and a “boubou” robe, Ibo, Nigeria.

Dr. Mark Rapoport, M.D.  Seventeen figures, Garai and other Tribes, Central Highlands, Vietnam.

Anonymous.  Five iron hoe currencies Mambila, Cameroon and five iron hoe currencies Idoma, Nigeria.

Alison Collins Fay, Brown.  Collection of 302 adornos from terra-cotta vessels, Taino, Dominican Republic and Grenada.

Vincent and Margaret Fay.  Two anthropomorphic bone amulets and an anthropomorphic stone amulet, Taino, Dominican republic.

Christine Teper Charest. A goose egg Pysanky by Ms. Charest.



Collection of sixty-five ethnographic Amazonian artifacts, transferred from the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Yup’ik Kayak, exhibited in the Chicago World Exposition of 1893.  Transferred from the Brooklyn Museum.

Ethnological collections of the Dartmouth Children’s Museum.  Transferred from the Dartmouth YMCA.

Three Pre-Columbian textile fragments and a spindle, Peru.  Transfer from the Museum of Primitive Art and Culture.



Peter Irniq, commission of an Inuit Inuksuk.

Thomas Urban, Brown 09. Field collection of Zapatista and Mayan artifacts.

Fr. Paul Luniw.  Examples of Pysanky art by Fr. Luniw.