Ethnographic Collections

The Haffenreffer Museum Collection Research Center's holdings include more than 15,000 ethnographic objects, all of which are catalogued. While strongest in Native North American materials, the Collections Research Center also contains significant material from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, including:

  • 6,000 objects from North America, including striking artifacts from the Plains tribes
  • 3,000 items from South and Central America.
  • 3,000 items from Africa, some of them by contemporary artisans
  • 400 items from Europe
  • 1,100 items from Asia
  • 1,500 items from Oceania

While only a small number of objects are on display at any one time, the collections are available to qualified researchers. The collections are catalogued onto a computerized data base, allowing for easy search and reporting on the collection. Please contact Thierry Gentis with questions concerning specific items or about the extent of our collections relevant to your research. For access to the collections, please contact Kevin Smith at (401) 863-5700.