How have people survived and thrived in the Arctic’s harsh environment for thousands of years? Find out in this fascinating program featuring the Yup’ik and Inupiaq people of Alaska. Students will feel real seal, bear, and musk ox skins, examine baleen from a whale’s mouth, try on a parka and play traditional games that made children strong hunters. Students will learn traditions that the people of the Arctic use today to maintain their cultures and use their resources wisely. Students will also investigate how global warming has affected coastal villages and the hunting economy.


“Your program tied together everything we learn about in our Arctic Program — giving us hands-on experience to supplement our unit.”
— 4th Grade Teacher, Lincoln Central Elementary School, Lincoln, RI


K-12 Curriculum Standards/Frameworks:
Rhode Island:
Civics & Government: C&G5(7-8)-2; C&G5(K-4)-2
Historical Perspectives: HP1(K-8)-1; HP2(5-8)-2; HP2(K-8)-3; HP3(5-6)-1; HP3(K-8)-2
Engineering and Technology: ET1.1(K-8); ET1.2(K-4)

Social Science (Gr. 4) 4.15A: Economics 6&7, 4.11, 4.15E; (Gr. 5): 5.6
Arts (K-4): Theater 1.1
Science and Technology (K-2): Life Sciences: 1,6,8; Technology/
Engineering: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2
Science & Technology (3-5): Life Sciences: 8&10; Technology/Engineering: 2.1