In this exciting program, your students will learn how the early people of New England lived and used the resources available in their environment. Students will examine a model wetu, arrows and other tools, grind corn, and much more. Your students will investigate cultural differences between the English settlers and the Native people, and will understand how Native people adapted and changed through time. Then, we move forward to discuss and explore today’s pow-wow. Participants will practice drumming, examine real pow-wow regalia, and try a social dance while learning how the Native People of Southeastern New England celebrate their heritage today.


“It was a wonderful experience and a perfect supplement to my program. It certainly brought my program to life.”
—3rd grade teacher, Greystone School, North Providence, RI

K-12 Curriculum Standards/Frameworks:
Rhode Island:
Civics & Government: C&G5(7-8)-1; C&G5(K-8)-2
Historical Perspectives: HP1(K-8)-1; HP2(K-8)-1; HP2(3-8)-2; HP2(K-8)-3;
HP3(3-8)-1; HP3(K-8)-2
Engineering and Technology: ET1.1(K-8); ET1.2(K-4)
Dance: D2(K-8)-1
Music: M2(K-8)-1; M2(5-6)-2

Social Science (Gr. 3): 3.2., 4.15A
Economics (Gr. 4): 6&7, 4.11, 4.15E; (Gr. 5): 5.6
Arts (K-4): Dance: 1.3, 1.6, 1.7, 4.1, 5.1.
Science and Technology (K-2): Life Sciences: 1, 6, 8;
Technology/Engineering: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2
Science and Technology (3-5): Life Sciences: 8&10;
Technology/Engineering: 2.1

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