Sankofa:  African Americans in Rhode Island

Sankofa is a term from the West African Akan language meaning “going back to the past in order to move forward”. Evoking that concept, Sankofa focuses on the many cultures of West Africa whose people were brought to Rhode Island by the transatlantic slave trade. The program also explores the role of slavery around the world, the experiences of enslaved Africans in Rhode Island, the roles of Rhode Islanders in ending slavery, and the contributions African Americans have made and continue to make in our society. Students will handle objects from our African collections and try musical instruments.

Please note that you can choose the entire program or ask to focus on the history of slavery in Rhode Island or African American culture in Rhode Island depending on the needs of your course of study.

"The information along with the objects brought for the students to handle was very interesting as well as engaging, including the final print activity."
--5th grade teacher, Oldham School, East Providence, RI

K-12 Curriculum Standards/Frameworks:
Rhode Island:
Civics & Government: C&G5(K-8)-1; C&G5(K-8)-2
Historical Perspectives: HP1(K-8)-1; HP2(K-8)-1; HP2(K-8)-2; HP2(K-8)-3; HP3(3-8)-1; HP3(K-8)-2
Visual Art and Design: VAD2(K-8)-1
Music: M2(K-8)-2; M2(5-6)-2

Social Science: (Gr. 4): 4.15B; (Gr. 5): 5.12
Arts (Gr. 4): Visual Arts: Standard 5; Music: Standard 3
; 5.2

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