Teaching with the Museum

Opens February 4, 2014

This exhibit is located at Brown University's Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center. See the Center's website for hours.

"Teaching with things" can make abstract concepts material in ways that engage the senses. Hands-on experience can provide students with a form of knowledge that they might not otherwise acquire. Objects can inspire discussion, teamwork, and lateral thinking, all essential skills in higher education.

The Haffenreffer works with faculty at Brown, RISD, and other institutions around the region to bring museum objects, and innovative approaches to them, into the classroom. This exhibit explores way the collections, exhibits, and facilities of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology are being used to teach topics as diverse as the refashioning of objects for new uses, the function of language and material culture as symbol systems, and the material quality of colonial and imperial relations. It focuses on the Haffenreffer's 2013-2014 Faculty Fellows Program.