About Warp Speeds

Like most exhibitions produced by the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Warp Speeds is co-curated by undergraduate and graduate students under the guidance of Museum staff and Anthropology Department faculty. In the last three years, three anthropology seminars, drawing students from six departments, discussed exhibitions on campus and ways to conceptualize and implement an exhibition drawing on the Museum's extensive textile holdings in the context of globalization. A design, conservation, and installation team mounted the exhibition. We thank them all.

Warp Speeds opened on May 27th 2005 in our gallery at Manning Hall. The exhibit closed in April of 2006 to make way for our current exhibit, Believing Africa.

Brown University Students: Evan Aird, Jamieson Bunn, Jennifer DiCola, Lisa Dietz, Megan Fischer, Lauren Hinkson, Liz Hoover, Jessica Johnson, Adam Katz, Honor Keeler, Jennifer Lane, Mireya Loza, Kara Mandell, Lakshmi Mohandas, John Petrillo, Marisela Ramos, Christine Reiser, Julia Rogawski, Jessica Shapiro, Candace Toth, Thomas Urban.

Museum and Faculty Advisors, Design and Installation, and Consultants: Shepard Krech III and Kevin P. Smith, seminar and exhibition leaders; Rip Gerry, head of design and installation; Thierry Gentis, registrar and associate curator; Claire Grace and Patricia Symonds, curatorial consultants; Alexandra Allardt, Monique Chaffa, Sharon Hayden, Elizabeth Hoover, Elizabeth Johnson, and Angela McMillan, conservation; Nathaniel Clapp, C. A. Cooke, Adam Katz, Rodney Pacheco, Jennifer Trunzo, and Thomas Urban, preparation and installation; Tracey Poole, public relations; Patsy Sanford and Marion Wingfield, programs and education; and Marilyn Seymour, Kathy Luke, Rayne Baer, and Nancy Peck, administration.

For their generous financial support, donations, or loans of objects, we thank:

Leslie and Samson Ashamu
William Brill
Kim Clark
Paul A. Cohen
Sally Hill Cooper
Charles Cooper
Daniel Corley
Elizabeth Beach
Norman Brachfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Burnett
William J. Conklin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spink Davis
William Deneen
Barnet and Jean Fain
Alison Collins Fay
Walter and Barbara Feldman
Friends of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology
Andrew Fine
Robert Galkin
David Gregg
Virginia Gregg
David and Susan Haffenreffer
Peter and Mallory Haffenreffer
Haffenreffer Family Fund
Barbara A. Hail
Dwight B. and Anna Cooper Heath
William and Lorraine Hendrickson
Roger Hirschland
James and Alice Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Katz
Peter and Anita Klaus
Sol and Jo Levitt
Burton and Junis Marcus
Pamela Meyer
William C. Mithoefer and Renee-Paule Moyencourt
H. Raymond Mottshaw
Russell Newton
Martin Paul
Paul Sapir
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Scharfman
Louis Slavitz
Patricia V. Symonds