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The Major Altar Hoi Fan

The Major Altar Hoi Fan painting, depicts Hoi Fan in his role, as leading Master in the rite of the Ascension of the Sword Ladder.
The barefoot and bare chested Hoi Fan, one foot on his serpent the other on the sword ladder encourages postulants to ascend the sword ladder. This is one of the ordeals priests must perform to become fully ordained. Hoi Fan demonstrates his superior powers as a magician also by holding a red-hot plowshare in his mouth. High Priests at the foot of the ladder are exorcising evil spirits, the first holds a dagger and bowl of purifying water, the next holds a bell and striker and the third holds a staff. The high priest at the top of the ladder, leader of the postulants, holds a ritual dagger and horn. Also depicted, at the bottom, are musician priests and the kneeling wife of one of the postulants who all attend the ordination ceremony.