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The Celestial Master Lei

Lei T’in Sai and Tsiang T’in Sai The Celestial Great Masters of Magic in Mien liturgy, are shown standing in the attitude of a court attendant, with both hands holding a Kui “ceremonial tablet”. Lei T’in Sai “The Li Celestial Master” wears a black dragon robe and Tsiang T’in Sai “The Chang Celestial Master” wears a red robe decorated with designs based on the eight trigrams. Both Masters are seen as patriarchs of competing schools of Taoism and the Mien relate this story: Lei T’in knew no magic spells in spite of all his strength. He asked Tsiang T’in to teach him some from his large collection of powerful talismans. His request was flatly refused. After many unsuccessful attempts to gain the knowledge he wanted, he finally attained it by seducing Tsiang T’in’s sister, who revealed to him some of her brother’s secret magic spells. The inscription at the bottom of “The Li Celestial Master” scroll reads “Complete Control over Evil D