Steven Levenson

Playwright Steven Levenson

Composer Andrew Hertz


Torah! Torah! Torah!

A New Musical

Book and Lyrics by Steven Levenson

Music and Lyrics by Andrew Hertz

Directed by Lowry Marshall
Assistant Director Betsy Wilson

July 25, 26, 27, 28 and August 1 and 4, 2007.  All at 8:00 PM

Once a normal, over-sexed, seventh grader addicted to Broadway musicals and full of hope for the future, Sammy Teitelbaum is now twenty-three, single, unemployed, and living with his parents in White Plains. He blames it all on a Bar Mitzvah gone tragically wrong. From his way-cool spiritual advisor Rabbi Z to his Machiavellian party-planner Lori Goodstein, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Steven Levenson and Andy Hertz explore the dark underbelly of Jewish adolescence (even though they’ve been told repeatedly not to put their hands down there) and discover that “comedy is only tragedy plus time.” 


Sammy Teitelbaum Steven Levenson
Becky Mazarov Susannah Flood
Lori Goodstein, Lew Teitelbaum, Poppy, Mr. P. Mark Cohen
Linda Teitelbaum J.S.
Phil Saidowitz Jed Resnick
Rabbi Z Joe Short
Asst. Rabbi Aja Nisenson
Ensemble Ross Cowan


Joe Short

Joe Short

L to R: Steven Levenson, Jed Resnick, and Susannah Flood

Steven Levenson and Jed Resnick

Mark Cohen and Steven Levenson

Mark Cohen and Steven Levenson

Jed Resnick and Susannah Flood

Steven Levenson and Mark Cohen

Susannah Flood and Steven Levenson

Steven Levenson and Mark Cohen