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Iberian, Latin American and Latino Resources
Microform Collections

   Microform Collections at the Rockefeller Library

The following is a partial list of major Latin American collections in microfilm and microfiche at the Rockefeller Library. It does not include individual books, dissertations, or serials. Click on the title to view the Josiah record.

Top left: Original watercolor of an Inca (possibly Manco Capac) found in vol. 2 of Borrones: un recuerdo para la historia del Alto Perú. Undated. Church Collection. John Hay Library.

Bottom left: detail of "Masques de Tecunas. Scène de mascarade" from Brésil by M. Ferdinand Denis. Series L'univers: histoire et description de tous les peuples [D. Amérique, t. 1]. Paris: Firmin Didot frères, fils et cie., 1863. Church Collection. John Hay Library.

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