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About the Committee

By vote of the Faculty, the Committee on Faculty Retirement was established and charged to “facilitate the transition of faculty to retirement and help retirees to continue to use their experience and wisdom for the benefit of the University.” To that end, the Committee has established this web site.

The Committee grew out of a more unofficial association of faculty in and nearing retirement, which was formed in 2003 as the Society of the Elderbears.

Over the past few years the Committee has talked with the Provost and with an external committee hired to advise on the change in Brown's policies toward Emeriti that recently took place. In a survey of Emeriti the most frequent concern was the cost of health care, but no change was made. The desire for space on campus, however, is being met by the creation of the Emeriti Lounge, a pleasant, newly renovated room on the third floor of the Faculty Club where small groups can meet (and order food and drink from the Club if desired).

Links from the left column on this page connect to useful information on policies and procedures for faculty considering retirement or already retired.

Members of the Committee (2010-11):
Mary Gluck, Bruno Harris, Coppelia Kahn, Joan Lusk, Lois Monteiro (chair), Robert Patrick