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Hello Newcomers!

You’ve heard so many wonderful things about the University, and they are all true. But did you know that WMB could help your transition into the Brown community? We provide opportunities for you to meet other newcomers and established members through participation in interest groups.

We have an interdepartmental membership. Almost all WMB members are drawn from faculty and family. I’ve been a member for years. I’ve made many friends outside physics, my Brown affiliation, and I’ve enjoyed the interest groups. (Corinne Tan, President 2008-2010)

One of the very nicest benefits for me has been that I actually look forward to university social functions because I get to see my own friends there, and (this is really satisfying!) I am able to introduce my husband to people from other departments. (Lynette Charniak, President 2006-2008)

So do join us. You will have fun and meet other people. You won’t regret it.


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