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We promise that Machado is not as far away as you might imagine. The back entrance is located across the street from Smitty B, which gives us easy access to Andrew's and the VDub. The front entrance is across the street from Rochambeau House, the French department building. We also have our own dedicated stop on the Brown evening shuttle. You'll make your friends living in Young O or Perkins jealous.

Fun features:
➢ Game room (Shhh! It's a well-kept in-house secret.)
➢ A secret passageway between two of our public rooms
➢ Bathtubs in many of the bathrooms (We can't really vouch for taking a bath in one, but still fun to have.)
➢ Lots of hidden closets in the old house, perfect for hide-and-go seek
➢ Two pianos
➢ A library where you can borrow everything from Economics course textbooks to French poetry collections
➢ Some of our rooms have wood floors, bricked-up fireplaces and even wall-to-wall built-in bookshelves for all the books you'll borrow from our library...

As for its official history, Machado House at 87 Prospect Street was formerly the Ellen Dexter Sharpe House, a two-and-one-half story brick Elizabethan Revival house designed by Parker, Thomas and Rice, and built as the Sharpe family home in 1912. The house, property of the Rhode Island School of Design after Miss Sharpe’s death in 1953, was purchased by Brown in 1955 and used as a small dormitory for women students. An extension at the rear of the building was designed by Steven L. Lerner and added in 1975. At a ceremony on November 10, 1989 the building was formally renamed Antonio Machado House in honor of the Spanish poet. A bust of Machado by sculptor Pablo Serrano acquired by the University in 1967 was moved from the Annmary Brown Memorial to the garden of the house.

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