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Brown’s GK-12 program has organized day-long visits to the Brown campus to allow students, teachers, and parents to take advantage of science facilities at the University and to help bridge the gap between K-12 students and the college experience.  Examples of such activities include visits to a virtual-reality Mars tour in Brown's "CAVE" (center for advanced scientific computation and visualization) and the Ladd astronomical observatory, among others.

In 2007 and 2008, the GK-12 Program and Brown's CAMR hosted one hundred girls and their parents during a conference titled "Empowering your Future", aimed at engaging girls in hands-on science and engineering. The girls worked in teams to tackle an engineering problem or explore a scientific principle while their parents learned ways to encourage curiosity, foster strong study skills, and help their daughters complete college applications. Undergraduate engineering students and GK-12 Fellows led the workshops, which showcased real-life applications of scientific principles.