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Why Choose a Federal Career?

The government's not just made up of politicians, mail carriers, and secretaries. It's a way to make an actual difference in the lives of 300 millions Americans.

Here are some reasons why you should consider working for the federal government.

Ten Great Reasons to Work in the Federal Government:

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  1. The nation's largest employer is hiring!

    1.8 million people work for the federal government, and about half of them may be eligible to retire in the next 5 years. That's a lot of job openings. What's more, the government will never go out of business.

  2. There's a job for every interest.

    Federal agencies exist for every interest and field of knowledge — it's not just for political science majors.

  3. You can make a difference.

    Government employees' work affects every American. If you're looking to give back to the community and help better the lives of others, the federal government's agencies dedicated to protecting the environment, improving community health, bettering public education, and other important causes offer you unparalleled access to real change.

  4. The federal government can help pay for school.

    Loan repayment of up to $10,000 per year of employment is available at some agencies, up to a total of $60,000. And remember, this is in addition to the pay and benefits that are easily competitive with many private-sector employers.

  5. You can advance quickly!

    If you're talented and dedicated, you can see your initial salary nearly double in just three years! See "Benefits and Details" to the left for more information on the government's pay scale.

  6. There are federal jobs around the country — and around the world.

    Don't like Washington D.C.? No problem: About 85% of federal government jobs are located outside of the D.C. metro area. In addition to positions available in every state, there are more than 50,000 nonmilitary positions outside of the United States too.

  7. The federal government values diversity.

    Federal workplaces are tolerant and diverse, and the government even uses specific programs for outreach to underrepresented groups. The percentage of women working as federal senior executives is more than double the portion of women working on Fortune 500 companies' boards.

  8. Federal jobs pay better than you think.

    Check the facts: Government jobs operate on a transparent pay scale, with entry levels based on education and experience. Government pay is also modified to reflect living expenses based on locality.

  9. Flexible work schedules and benefits encourage a work-life balance.

    Government careers are known for their benefits: great healthcare coverage, generous vacation and sick leave, child-care and transportation coverage, and more. And work schedules are flexible enough to accomodate your personal life and family.

  10. The federal government is a career builder.

    You won't be stuck in one federal career for the rest of your life — compared to the private sector, moving within and between departments of the federal government is surprisingly easy.