Old News



Check out the piece in the NY Times on our bat flight research

Congratulations to Kenny Breuer who was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS)

Congratulations to Ailey Crow and Adam Mittleman who met in this lab back in 2004, and who got married last week!

September Welcome to Bin Liu, our new post doc from Courant (NYU)
May Congratulations to Bian Qian (PhD), Rick He (ScM) and Sara Burglund (ScM) and good luck to them in the respective Postdoctoral and Industrial positions!
April Bat flight research featured on NSF-produced video
March Welcome to Oscar Curet (Post doc from Northwestern)
January Welcome to Attila Bergou (post doc from Cornell)


Welcome to Jen Franck (post doc), Jacopo Siewert, Cosima Schunk and Mike Slaiger (visitors).

January Bat flight research featured on Air Force web site, and other DoD sites.
  Flagellar mechanics research featured on the Discovery Science Channel program" Weird Connections".
  Reuters feature on bat flight research
November Research by Tatjana Hubel and Arnold Song is featured in American Phyiscal Society "virtual press room"

Congratulations to Jeff Guasto on his successful PhD defense. Jeff is moving to Philadelphia to start a Post Doc with Jerry Gollub. Congratulations, also to Peter Huang, (PhD August 2006) who is starting as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SUNY Binghamton!

Lab research on bat flight is featured on History Channel's series "Evolve"

June Lab research featured on the front page of the NSF website (also archived here), and featured in a new documentary on wind power "Spinning Toward Green"
April Lab alumnus, Anthony Zorzos (ScB 2007), was awarded an NSF Graduate fellowship. He is currently at MIT studying space propulsion
February Lab members are featured on PBS-NOVA program about the Microraptor four-winged dinosaur
  Paper in Small on Bacterial Pumps is featured on Nanowerks website
January New Scientist report on our model for bacterial flagella mechanics
  MinJum Kim assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University, and PhD from the Breuer lab, is awarded an NSF Career award for his research on Bacterial Microfluidics


October Extensive story, videos and interviews about our bat flight research on Science Central (coinciding with Halloween)
September Our entry was awarded First Place in the 2007 Science and Engineering Visualiation Challenge sponsored by NSF and Science. (to see the poster, click here)
February Science Illustrated article on bat flight in the New York Times
January Washington Post comment on Bacterial Microfluidics
  Articles on bat flight in, New Scientist, Boston Globe, Live Science Science Daily as well as interviews on Providence News (WJAR) and The Discovery Channel