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Our lab includes people working in areas of Microfluidics, Turbulence Control and Bat Biomechanics and flight. For the Bat flight projects, we work in close collaboration with Tom Powers as well as Sharon Swartz's group in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and many of the lab members move seamlessly between the two departments.

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Kenny Breuer
Professor of Engineering
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Senior Associate Dean of Engineering for Academic Programs

office: Barus & Holley 433

T: 401.863.2870
F: 401.863.9028

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Post Doctoral Research Fellows      

Daegyoum Kim


Zeynep Temel


Graduate Students      

Cosima Schunk



Kyohei Onoue


Yi Fan


Joon-Sik Park

Yungxin Su   Jillian Kiser
Undergraduate Students      
Ryan McKeon   Colden Eldridge
Current and Recent Visitors      

Dong Fu Yin

Support Staff      

Carolyn Sherman: Administrative Assistant

telephone: 401-863-1445

fax: 401-863-9028

  Brian Corkum: Senior Lab Technician
Ben Lyons: Senior Lab Technician  

Ben Strom

Research Engineer


ScB: Jacy Bird, Ailey Crow, Joe Wofford, Anthony Zorzos, Adam Mittelman, Ricardo Galvao, Emily Israeli, Alex deQuitry Chaumont, Max Tuttman, Jun Kudo, Matt Novick, Chioke Harris, Adam Hoffman, Ben Howard, Dave Gagnon, Alex Carrere, Ian Brownstein, Ben Strom, Rebecca Corma, Ryan McKeon, Colden Eldridge

ScM: Jahn Torres, Maureen McCamley, Melissa Loreiro,Shawn Kitchner, Qe (Rick) He, John DiBennedetto, Jillian Kiser

PhD: Kristin Bishop, Peter Huang, MinJun Kim, Jeff Guasto, Bian Qian, Charles Peguero, Joe Bahlman, Rye Waldman

Post Docs: GenXin Han, Jinil Park, Xiaodong Tian, Johan Westin, Dave Willis, Tatjana Hubel, Jen Franck, Attila Bergou, Tony Yu, Oscar Curet, Bin Liu, Rhea von Busse