Micromachined Sensors and Actuators

Many problems at high Reynolds numbers require instrumentation well beyond conventional experimental capabilities (due to spatial resolution requirements in the microns and temporal resolution requirements in the 10 kHz range). Motivated by this need we have developed micromachined shear stress sensors for accurate time-resolved measurement of skin friction at high Reynolds numbers. These -sensors are unique due to their extremely high spatial and temporal resolution, as well as their accuracy and resolution and their development will open new possibilities for high Reynolds number measurement.

Sensors and actuators developed include:

  • Floating element shear sensor using optical transduction.
  • Thermal shear sensor using Platinum/Gold sensing elements.
  • Micro-scale propulsion systems for -spacecraft.
  • Micro gas turbine engine for propulsion and electric power generation.
  • Micromachined glow-discharge actuators for active control of complex fluid systems.
  • -microphone, for jet -noise measurements and fundamental measurements of high-Reynolds number turbulent pressure fluctuations.
  • Optical pressure sensors for remote measurement of pressure distributions in gas-turbine engines.
  • Tunable optical filters using adaptive Fabry-Perot optics, for multi-spectral earth-observation measurements from space.