Introduction to Exercises in this Anthology

Exercise pages in Brown University Literary Anthology accompany only selected texts (Básník and Náš Jára Cimrman). They illustrate what could be done with texts both electronically and non-electronically. These sample exercises were created to help students acquire better understanding of texts with the help of various activities.

The exercises focus on recurring themes, expressions and concepts, on plot development and settings, and on characterization of events and characters; these are literary and linguistic concepts that help the reader achieve deeper appreciation of text. Exercises on advanced levels focus on "frame"; students are given a context in which to use elements of the text they have read. They can explore links between the text they read and other materials (links, images, film).

The exercises do not give out answers. They only provide hints in the form of pop-up texts and sound files. Exercises are made to encourage students to ask questions in the classroom.

Many of the tasks have an effect beyond the acquisition of a particular language and culture. They encourage students to create semantic and situational associations among various elements of text, while keeping in mind the main thread of discourse. This process helps students learn to prioritize information: identifying the main structure of the text and connecting related items to it.