TF questions
True or false? For hints, lick on (Nápověda); look for a highlighted part of the text and answer the questions.

  • Statements about the nature of the accident


    1. The victim was under the influence of alcohol.   (Nápověda)

    2. The victim's name was Božena Macháčková.  (Nápověda)

    3. The police commissioner (Mejzlík) takes this case seriously because of the unusual nature of the accident.  (Nápověda)

    4. It was a hit-and-run accident.  (Nápověda)

  • Statements about policeman 141:


    1. The policeman who saw the accident first tried to identify the license plate number of the car.  (Nápověda)

    2. Mejzlík was fully satisfied with the information provided by the policeman.  (Nápověda)

    3. The policeman reacted angrily to Mejzlík's comments.  (Nápověda)

    4. Mejzlík did not find much useful information in the protocol written by policeman 141.  (Nápověda)

  • Statements about Králík:


    1. Mejzlík gave Králík a warm and personal welcome.  (Nápověda)

    2. Králík was a student of engineering.  (Nápověda)

    3. Králík was standing closer to the site of the accident than policeman 141.  (Nápověda 1) (Nápověda 2)

    4. Králík was not able to give crucial information for catching the hit-and-run driver.  (Nápověda)

    5. Králík mentioned the existence of another potential witness, a musician.  (Nápověda)

  • Statements about Nerad


    1. When policeman 141 showed up at his door, Nerad did not immediately understand why he was summoned by the police.  (Nápověda)

    2. Nerad was a bit hesitant to say he had been a bit drunk on the night of the accident.  (Nápověda)

    3. Policeman 141 and Nerad had very little in common for conversation.  (Nápověda)

    4. Policeman 141 and Nerad did not discuss politics.  (Nápověda)

    5. Nerad doesn’t pay attention to details.  (Nápověda)

    6. Nerad creates his own fantasy world which was completely detached from the real world.  (Nápověda)

  • Statements about Nerad's poem:


    1. Nerad used high-quality paper to write his poems.  (Nápověda)

    2. Mejzlík was at first skeptical about the usefulness of Nerad's poem.  (Nápověda)

    3. Mejzlík thinks that Nerad’s poem is a great piece of art.  (Nápověda)

  • Statements about the contents of Nerad's poem:


    1. Žitná Street runs straight.  (Nápověda)

    2. The sky was red when the accident took place.  (Nápověda)

    3. The victim was run over by a gray car.  (Nápověda)

    4. Nerad's poem indirectly referred to the place and time of the accident as well as the color of the car, but did not include the license number of the car.  (Nápověda)

  • Statements about the aftermath of the investigation:


    1. Nerad's information led to the finding of the car.  (Nápověda)

    2. Nerad does not seem to have too much furniture in his apartment.  (Nápověda)

    3. Mejzlík borrowed more poems to read from Nerad.  (Nápověda)