1. Popište hlavní postavy. Here are some characters from the story Básník. Click on each picture to enlarge it. Comment on each character by using the following expressions:

(1) Vypadá na (accusative), protože ... (He/She appears to be ...., because ....)

(2) Mně se zdá, že je.... (It seems to me that...)

(3) Domnívám se, že... (I suppose...)

(4) Jsem přesvědčen/a, že .... (I am convinced that...)

2. Popište situace. Here are some scenes from Básník. Click each of them to enlarge it and describe it.

For each picture, take the following steps:

(1) brainstorm by writing down all the words that occur to you. Use dictionary entries.

(2) put together simple sentences using the words you came up with

(3) connect the sentences by using relative pronouns který and/or simple conjunctions such as a, ale, když, protože