Pavel Řezníček (1942 - )

Řezníček is a poet and prose fiction writer strongly influenced by surrealism. He published in samizdat in the 1970s and 1980s. His novel Strop (The Ceiling) was published in French with a big acclaim in the 1980s. Since 1989, he has established a reputation as a provocateur whose intention is to shock matters that people consider obvious and settled. His list of publications includes novels and short stories Strop (1991), Vedro (The Heat) (1993), Zvířata (Animals) (1993), poetry (Kráter Resnik a jiné básně, 1990; Tabáková vejce, 1991; Plovací sval, 1995), and memoires (Hvězdy kvelbu (The Stars of the Grocery Shop) (1992) and two additional volumes Popel žhne (1994) Blázny šatí stvol(1998)).

In his writing, Řezníček exposes the arbitrariness and artificiality of building a fictional world. In his novels costumes make love with hats and socks, and the founder of Czech shoe-making industry Mr. Baa appears reincarnated. Řezníček creates the other logic of the fictional world -- the logic based on its own rules, without any contact with the real-world logic. His style is humorous for those who accept such logic.

In the Czech literature of the 1990s that stresses authenticity and reference to the real world, Řezníček takes a position of the other side. He is highly acclaimed by some and strongly refused by others as the writer who is not serious enough and who makes literature only a humorous game.