Životopis Járy Cimrmana

Cimrman's detailed CV: Napište text o světových velikánech

Expression you may need to describe cultural icons and their accomplishments (sound files)


Jára Cimrman

v dějinách

Website, kde najdete

historii Cimrmanova divadla

Here you can find history of Cimrman theater


Ferdinand d'Este a jeho rodina

Ferdinand d'Este a Konopište

Find out more about Ferdinand d'Este for whom Cimrman worked for a while as his children's tutor

Jak zmizel Cimrman?


další varianty

Cimrman is said to have disappeared in 1914. Here are some possible stories; you can also submit your own story

Texty Aloise Jiráska

Read texts by Alois Jirásek whom Cimrman criticized.