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Audio help for Macintosh

Step 2: Configure the browser so that the audio files embedded in the Anthology will be played by the QuickTime Plug-In.

  1. With the browser running, in the menu line at the top of the screen, pull down Edit and select Preferences...

  2. A dialog box will appear for Internet Explorer Preferences. On the left, under the category Receiving Files, select File Helpers.

  3. Scroll through the Description list to Sun Sound, which has the extension .au. Select this line and click the button Change...

  4. The dialog box Edit File Helper will appear. In its bottom section called Handling, open the pop-up list How to handle: and select View with Plug-in.

  5. Just below this you're asked to choose the Plug-in name: Click the Browse... button.

  6. A dialog box will open, wherein you can browse your way through the folders on your hard disk to Internet Explorer Plug-ins. Select QuickTime Plugin and click Open.

  7. In the Edit File Helper box click OK.

  8. In the Internet Explorer Preferences box click OK.

  9. Sound consoles console will be mixed with the stories, vocabulary items and some of the exercises. From left to right, here are descriptions of the buttons on the console:

    1. When clicked, the button with a speaker icon volume button reveals a vertical slider to adjust the volume.

    2. Click the Play button play button to start and stop the audio clip.

    3. By manipulating the time index sliderslider, you can position the starting time of the clip to a spot between its begining and end.

    4. The button on the right options button offers miscelleneous options, such as saving the audio file on your computer's hard disk.
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