Brown University On-Line Czech Literary Anthology
Antologie českých literárních textů Univerzity Brownovy

Step 2: Set Up Internet Explorer Your web browser must be configured to use the Central European font:

  1. Pull the View box down from the Explorer menu line.

  2. Select Character Set.

  3. Select Central European (Windows) and let the box close.

  4. Pull the Edit box down from the Explorer menu line.

  5. Select Preferences...

  6. In the left column of the Preferences window, under Web Browser, select Language/Fonts. (If you don't see Language/Fonts listed below Web Browser, click the triangle to the left of Web Browser to expose the list).

  7. In the Fonts window:

    1. In the pull-down list labeled "Character set", select Central European (Windows).

    2. In the pull-down list labeled "Proportional font" select Times CE.

    3. In the pull-down list labeled "Fixed-width font," again select Times CE, unless you have obtained CourierCE (in either case, it's not important forthe Anthology).

    4. Click OK.

  8. If you would like the links within the texts to be highlighted but not underlined, pull down the Edit box and select Preferences... Under the Web Browser heading, click Browser Display. In the Page & Link section of the window, toggle the box labeled Underline links to off (empty).
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