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"It's a loss indeed, you can't deny that. A terrible loss. You can't replace that Ferdinand with some idiot. He should have been just fatter."

(Jaroslav Hašek, The Good Soldier Švejk)

The pages in this section are intended to serve as an entry point to studies of Czech language and culture. The resource pages will also include scholarship on linguistics and literatures written in Czech in the future.

Scholarship written in Czech offers exciting vantage points from which to analyze any texts and events. (For a comical illustration of an interesting viewpoint from which to look at a world event, see the comment made by the good soldier Švejk on the death of Ferdinand d'Este, heir to the Habsburg throne.)

The Prague structuralist school and its extentions owe their successes to their broad interests beyond Czech language and literature. Many prominent Czech authors have interacted with foreign arts, architectures, literatures, music, and philosophies with great intensity, producing exquisite pieces of art. It is the confrontation of things Czech and not Czech -- a rigorous process that has been part of reality for the survival of national identity -- that made the Czech contributions most unique.