2012 Brown University affiliated faculty focused on medical and mental health NIH-funded research involving prisoner and other criminal justice populations, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention


Title (Funding Mechanism)


2012 Funding

Curt Beckwith, MD

Comprehensive HIV Testing Strategies For Jails


Miriam Hospital

Brown University



CARE Corrections:  Technology for Jail HIV/HCV Testing, Linkage and Care




Larry Brown, MD

Integrated Mental Health Treatment & HIV Prevention for Court-Involved Youth


Rhode Island Hospital

Brown University



Jennifer Clarke, MD, MPH

Sustaining Tobacco Abstinence after Incarceration


Memorial Hospital

Brown Univeristy



Empowering women to make Contraceptive Choices While Incarcerated





Methods for Understanding Sentinel Events; Changing Substance Use/Sexual

Risk Behaviors After Jail




Peter Friedmann, MD

Treatment Study Using Depot Naltrexone (2/6) Rhode Island Protocol Treatment Site


RIH/Brown University



Continuum of Care for Drug-Involved Offenders




Jennifer Johnson, PhD

HIV/STI Risk Reduction for Incarcerated women with History

of Interpersonal Violence


Butler Hospital

Brown University




Effectiveness of IPT for Men and Women Prisoners with Major Depression




Robert Miranda Jr., PhD

Biobehavioral Effects of Topiramate on Cannabis-related Outcomes in Drug

Abusing or Dependent Adolescents


Center for Alcohol and

Addiction Studies

Brown University



Effects of Topimarate on Adolescent Alcohol Use: Efficacy and Mechanisms




Josiah Rich, MD, MPH

Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient Oriented Health focused on

critical issues related to HIV and other infectious diseases among addicted persons


Miriam Hospital

Brown University



A Randomized Trial of Continued Methadone Maintenance vs. Detoxification in Jail





Prisoner Overdose Prevention Training and Naloxone Upon Release





A Randomized Controlled Trial and Cohort Study of HIV Testing and Linkage

to Care at Community Corrections (R01)(Seek Test Treat)





Improving Linkage to HIV Care Following Release From Incarceration (RO1)

(Seek Test Treat)




Anthony Spirito, PhD

Individual & Family Motivational Interviews for Substance Using Truant Teens


CAAS/Brown University



Adolescents with Major Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder:

Community Based Integrated Treatment




Michael Stein, MD

Linkage of Hospitalized Opioid Users to Buprenorphine


Butler Hospital

Brown University



Reducing STIS in Emerging Adults who use Alcohol and Marijuana




Varenicline vs. Nicotine Replacement for Methadone-Maintained Smokers





Mid-Career Investigator Award in Substance Abuse – Research




Marina Tolou Shams, PhD

HIV Prevention in the Family Drug Court


RIH/Brown University