Data Repository

Software and data are available post-publication at the Ramachandran Lab Data Repository. For lab members, contact Sohini Ramachandran for a repository account.

Data Sets

X-chromosomal and autosomal data from the Human Genome Diversity Panel, analyzed in S. Ramachandran, N.A. Rosenberg, M.W. Feldman, and J. Wakeley (2008), “Population differentiation and migration: coalescence times in a two-sex island model for autosomal and X-linked loci”. Theor Pop Biol. 74: 291-301

readme [txt]

Plot of fraction of heterozygous loci out of those loci with non-missing data, from 36 X-linked loci genotyped in 1064 individuals. [pdf]

Archive of X-linked and autosomal genotype data files used in this study. [tar archive] [zip archive]

Note: the archives generate a new directory when extracted, and also include the readme and plot available above.