Brown's Program
map of Superfund sites in RI
National Priorities List (NPL): The NPL is a list of the locations that are of most concern for either known or suspected pollution in the United States. There are currently 12 National Priorities List sites in Rhode Island.

Brown's Program
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This Superfund Research and Training Program, "REUSE IN RI: A STATE-BASED APPROACH TO COMPLEX EXPOSURES," tackles through research and outreach three inter-related thematic challenges: 1) land reuse, 2) a state-based approach, and 3) complex exposures. Rhode Island is small, densely populated, and burdened by a long history of industrial activity. There are few barriers to academics, government leaders, and community members working together to address basic and translational research issues, management decisions, and communication complexities inherent to re-using hazardous waste sites.

The research clusters 4 Biomedical and 3 Engineering Projects into three Interdisciplinary Focus Areas: Nanotechnology & Metals, Molecular Epidemiology & Reproduction, and Semi-Volatile Organics & Vapor Intrusion. We investigate toxicant-induced disease mechanisms and develop potential biomarkers associated with co-exposures, and identify, characterize, separate, and remediate complex mixtures. These Projects are supported by an Analytical Core (Chemistry and Biostatistics), a Molecular Pathology Core, and a Training Core. The Research Translation and Community Engagement Cores facilitate the flow of knowledge and information among the participating academics, government leaders, and community members in a true university-state-community partnership. The Administrative Core provides the infrastructure to promote communication, critical self-evaluation, and resource management. The diagram depicts the overall organization.