Fall 2014
ENGN 1510: Nanoengineering and Nanomedicine
Students in this course will develop a fundamental understanding of nanoengineering and its applications in medicine. We will discuss
nanomaterials synthesis, fabrication, and characterization. Applications of nanoengineered materials in medicine, including nanotechnology-
based drug delivery systems, nano-based imaging and diagnostics, and nanotechnology-based tissue engineering approaches will be explored in
depth. Host response to nanomaterials and nanotoxicology will also be discussed. Research methods in nanoengineering and nanomedicine will
be emphasized (critical analysis of scientific literature, effective oral and written communication).

Spring 2014
ENGN 1110: Transport and Biotransport Processes
Students in this course will develop a fundamental understanding of mass transport in chemical and biological systems. The course includes:
mechanisms of transport, biochemical interactions and separations, mass transport in reacting systems, absorption, membrane and transvascular
transport, electrophoretic separations, pharmacokinetics and drug transport, equilibrium stage processes, distillation and extraction. Other
features of the course include: design concepts, modern experimental and computing techniques, and laboratory exercises.
Course Syllabus

Fall 2013
ENGN 1490: Biomaterials
Biomaterials science, the study of the application of materials to problems in biology and medicine, is characterized by medical needs,
basic research, and advanced technological development. Topics covered in this course include materials used in bone and joint replacement,
the cardiovascular system, artificial organs, skin and nerve regeneration, implantable electrodes and electronic devices, drug delivery,
and ophthalmology.
Course Syllabus

Lab News and Events

July 23, 2014
Professor Shukla awarded a grant from the Office of Naval Research for antimicrobial field dressings
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July 10, 2014
Professor Shukla receives DEANS Award for advances in pathogenesis and medical research
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