On an unknown date, Robert and Godfrey Wainwood agreed that Robert would withdraw his demands for compensation from Godfrey Wainwood, and that, in exchange, Godfrey Wainwood give up his claim to ownership of Robert.

Agreement in Case Robert v. Godfrey Wainwood
Agreed between the two parties in the case that the appeals now pending before this Court Robert v. G.W. be discontinued and all other actions respecting the Negro Man Robert Either in his behalf against his bondmen in this or any other part of the state particularly against Thomas Robinson of Newport therewith drawn it it further agreed that the said Wainwood action – quits by all claim to & Right of Action against the Said Robert & that no case be taken against the said Wainwood . And it further agreed that all claim and demand for service done by the Said Robert and of wrong other kinds & nature whatsoever by the said Robert against the said Godfrey Wainwood and the same are hereby relinquished.

Agreed to in our Court by D. Howell Esq... Mr. Moses Brown in behalf of Robert & Godfrey Wainwood for himself

Witness F. Eddy CLK