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Commencement Forum:  A Discussion with Members of the University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice

May 29, 2004.  A conversation with members of the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, discussing the committee's charge, its work to date, and its goals for the year ahead.

Commencement Forum:  Responding to Historical Injustice

May 29, 2004.  Three members of the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice – Anthony Bogues, Neta Crawford, and Evelyn Hu-DeHart – join historian Rachel Chernos-Lin to explore the responsibilities of individuals, states, corporations, and non-profit institutions that inherit legacies of historical injustice.

Staff Development Day

June 15, 2004. Presentation on the work of the committee to members of Brown's non-academic staff.

Slavery and Its Legacy in New England

July 24,  2004. Plenary session of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic’s annual meeting, co-sponsored by the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice.

  • Joanne Pope Melish, University of Kentucky (moderator)
  • Robert P. Forbes, Gilder-Lehrman Center, Yale University
  • Margaret Newell, Ohio State University
  • Ella Wilcox Sekatau, Narragansett Tribal Historian and Medicine Woman
  • James Brewer Stewart, Macalester College
  • Keith Stokes, Newport Chamber of Commerce
  • Joaquina Bela Teixeira, Rhode Island Black Heritage Society
  • History, Memory, and Terror in the Aftermath of Apartheid

    Nov. 16, 2004.  Lecture by Tony Eprile, author of the critically acclaimed novel The Persistence of Memory (Norton, 2004) and of Temporary Sojourner and Other
     South African Stories (Simon and Schuster, 1989).

     ‘The  Deep Thoughts the One in Need Falls Into’: Quotidian  Experience and the Perspectives of Poetry in Post-Liberation South Africa

    Nov. 17, 2004.  A discussion of the politics of poetry in post-apartheid South Africa with poet and critic Kelwyn Sole, author of The Blood of Our Silence and Land (footprints and dreamstalkings).

    Race, Privilege and Environmental Justice in the American Southwest

    April 20, 2005. A conversation with Professor Maria Varela, Director, Rural Resources Group, New Mexico, on her work organizing rural communities to create sustainable enterprises to achieve economic and cultural self determination. Co-Sponsored by the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, the Center for Environmental Studies, Afro-American Studies, American Civilization, Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity.

    The Transatlantic Slave Trade in History and Memory

    June 28, 2005. A panel discussion featuring Prof. David Eltis, Emory University, Prof. Joanne Melish, University of Kentucky, and Prof. James Campbell, Brown University, part of a three-day teachers' workshop on slavery and the slave trade in New England, co-sponsored by by the Watson Institute's Choice Program, the Rhode Island Historical Society, the Rhode Island Department of Education, and Brown's Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice.

    Hiding in Plain Sight:  Sexual Slavery in the U.S. and Abroad

    April 18, 2006.  A discussion with Katherine Chon '02, Co-Director of the Polaris Project, a multicultural grassroots organization combating sexual slavery and labor trafficking, on the fight against the modern sex trade.  Co-sponsored by the Office of Student Life and the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice.

    Commencement Forum:  Facing History:  Brown University and Slavery

    May 27, 2006.  An examination of aspects of the university’s historical relationship to slavery and the transatlantic slave trade with University Curator Robert Emlen and James Campbell, Chair of the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice.

    Slavery and Justice:  Our Other Heritage.

    May 25th, 2006.  Presentations by Professor James Campbell on the voyage of the slave ship Sally, Susan Oba (Brown ’06) on the rise of the Rhode Island “Negro Cloth” industry, and Professor Colleen Murphy on the legal questions raised by claims for reparations by descendants of African American slaves.  Co-sponsored by the Warren Rhode Island Preservation Society.