BOLT in the Community

BOLT is working to extend its impact in the larger Brown community. The BOLT community is working to apply the leadership and group facilitation skills, developed in the wilderness and learned during leader training, to life on campus. Members of the BOLT community hold many leadership positions around campus through which they foster many of the skills they gain from BOLT. In November BOLT hosted its third annual Thanksgiving fundraising event--the procedes of which were donated to AMOS House in Providence.

BOLT leaders also facilitate team building and group initiatives activities for other campus student groups. Initiatives are fun activities that challenge groups to work together and communicate effectively. Initiative activities allow groups to explore different leadership styles and reflect upon the way they function as a team. In the future BOLT hopes to extend these activities to a low ropes course. This fall, BOLT facilitated a workshop for Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. In February, BOLT will be facilitating another workshop for Brown’s Tae Kwon Do student group.

If you would like BOLT to work with you to design and implement a team building/group initiative session with your student group, unit, department, or class, contact us at