The BOLT Directors from 1988 to today:

Fran and Dean Rose Tommy Shelley

Fran Lo (2002-2004)
Dean Rose (1988-2002)

Tommy Hayes

Shelley Adriance

Letter from the Director

Since the first trip in 1988, the Brown Outdoor Leadership Training program has fostered the exploration and practice of leadership styles for students at Brown. The program strives to achieve growth in four areas – personal development, respect for others, group dynamics and experience in the wilderness – for each BOLTer. The cornerstone of the program is a five day backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A group of ten students - sophomore and transfer BOLTers combined with junior and senior leaders - take on the challenge of living and working together in the outdoors. The bond built within each group extends throughout the year as students build a diverse and supportive community on campus.

BOLT completed its third re-accreditation with the Association of Experiential Education (AEE), a national organization dedicated to professional development, theoretical advancement and the evaluation of experiential education programs. To achieve our accredited status, the program must be in compliance with hundreds of safety, risk management and educational standards established by the Accreditation Council of AEE as "the best practices the field." Through a process of constantly reviewing our program, we have committed ourselves to providing a safe and meaningful experience for students.

BOLT currently involves 40 student leaders, 40 active mentors (past leaders) and 120 sophomore and new transfer students per year. These students apply the skills and values they learned and developed in BOLT to a wide variety of other student organizations and programs enabling them to have a positive impact on the quality of life on campus and in their communities.

Thanks again for your interest. Please contact us with any questions.

There have been hundreds of changes over the years: the relocation of our training trip from New Hampshire, to Western Massachusetts, to New Jersey-all in pursuit of warmer temperatures; the acquisition of equipment, the creation of an alumni newsletter and electronic network which enables us to stay in touch will almost all alumni leaders; the generous donations of former leaders to our budget which enables us to offer financial aid to participants; the refinement of our base camp and evacuation procedures; the inclusion of several specialty groups, and the evolution of BOLT on campus.

Shelley Adriance
Associate Director for Leadership Development
Student Activities Office