Affirmation of Diversity Statement

BOLT affirms the University's nondiscrimination policies and seeks to include a diverse group of students in the program. One of the strengths of BOLT is that it provides students from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to travel, play, live and work together both in the wilderness and on campus. The opportunity to work together with students from many different "neighborhoods" on campus has proven to be a powerful community building experience for all of our participants and leaders. Many students have indicated that the program enabled them to build relationships with other students who they would not have met on campus.

BOLT is open to all students regardless of experience or ability in the wilderness. Approximately half of our participants have little or no backpacking or camping experience. Leaders will teach participants the basic skills they need. BOLT has a long history of creating workable accommodations for students with special dietary needs, religious practices, hearing, and visual impairments, mobility disabilities and chronic illnesses. There is some variability in the difficulty of the routes, thus, we are able to accommodate a range of abilities. If you have any special needs you should communicate these to the BOLT Director.