Newsletter 2006

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A Letter from Dean Rose

Warm greetings to all BOLT folks, I certainly hope that this great newsletter finds you well, happy and safe. This has been a time of transition for BOLT and the program is doing very well. Shelley Adriance arrived this summer and her enthusiasm and skill are great assets to this community. We had a real adventure in August with the remnants of Hurricane Katrina dumping about 6 inches of water in a day.

Meet the New Director!

Hello from Providence –my new home and one that was yours for many years! I'm in the middle of my first year as the new BOLT director. My excitement for my new position is still spilling over. This is truly my dream job –combining my interests in leadership, student development and the outdoors. After 9 years of working in Residence Life, it was time to shift toward what I truly wanted –outdoor leadership.

Hear from YFBMs!

Hello to you all from the BOLT office! This semester has been an absolute BOLT whirlwind – nonstop events and planning, changes in the program coming from within as well as from outside. As usual the changes are all in the right direction, and we're looking forward to next semester for another round of trainings!

Where is Tommy Hayes?

This past summer I hiked the Continental Divide Trail from Canada to Mexico . As you might imagine, I had a lot of time to think. Everything from over-analyzing my insufficiently-dramatic childhood to recalling every book, movie and television show that I had ever enjoyed. Between these bouts of daydreaming and reminiscing, I had an inordinate number of opportunities to reflect on what BOLT has meant for me.

Base Camp Blues

I had heard about the BOLT base camp before the trip even started. I knew that some of my friends, leaders from years past, were going to be at Base Camp. During retraining, they wore the light blue shirts, different from our green ones. I had no idea what happened at base camp, but I imagined it was something like Club Med. I was graduating at the end of the year and imagined I'd never unlock the secrets of base camp. If I had only known!

An Update on OLEEP

This year is unfolding quite nicely with the Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education Project. OLEEP is a program that was founded nine years ago by BOLT participants as a way to put the principles learned in BOLT to use in the community.

A BOLT Biography by Ryan Heath

My first introduction to BOLT was just over three and a half years ago, a quiet first-year mixed up in the BOLT craziness filling Sayles Hall wall-to-wall, not really sure what I was about to get myself into. Seven BOLT trips, two years as a student manager, 3 leader classes and half an accreditation later, I'm still lost in all the craziness of BOLT; I'm still not entirely sure what exactly I have got myself into, but I'm pretty happy about it.

Group G's First Night in the Woods

The first day of our trip, my co-leader threw up. Let it be known, Cindy is a bona fide trooper. This girl, growing more ashen-faced with every few hundred feet we climbed, was smiling as best she could. "Could we stop, by chance?" she'd call up to the leader of the pack. We'd stop, she'd ralph in a blueberry bush, she'd say she felt much better, and we'd move along.