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A Letter from Dean Rose

Warmest Greetings to All BOLT Alumni,
I hope this finds you well, happy and finding time to be outside. In September, I was reminded of the importance of connecting with the wilderness when I hiked with a group of BOLT friends to the top of the Bond Cliffs in NH.

The Director's Update

by Shelley Adriance
Hello from Providence! It’s oddly warm here--the weather hit almost 65 degrees this weekend, which supports the prediction of a mild El Nino winter.

Our biggest news from the past year is that we received high marks during the AEE re-accreditation visit! The accreditation process involved a “top-to-bottom” self-study followed by a site visit from two past presidents of AEE. Ryan Heath ’05 served as our accreditation consultant last year by leading the self-study and creating a binder of everything BOLT to present to AEE. It was comparable to a doctoral thesis! (Thank you, Ryan!) By participating in this process, we compare ourselves to what is considered a benchmark of best practice in the field. As a result, we actively keep our safety systems current and our leaders receive a “top-notch” training program. The updated training calendar, forms and even the handbook are all available on our website under the leader pages.

Cheers from the BOLT Managers

Greetings from the BOLT Office! It’s been another busy and exciting year in the life of BOLT, as we continue to try and improve the program while still holding on to all the traditions and principles that have made BOLT what it is for the last nineteen years. We aren’t sick of each other yet, but there’s still a full spring ahead...

Summer Managing:An Encounter with Chaos

by Ben Bergantz
While the end of the summer is never a peaceful time for Shelley and the BOLT Summer Managers, this year the final weeks and days leading up to the August trip were--if it’s possible--even more hectic than usual.

Show Me the Money: Fundraising BOLT Style

by Caitie Whalen
At the beginning of the school year, a group of BOLTers from Steering Committee formed the Show Me The Money Committee (SMTMC) to brainstorm and take action towards creating a sustainable financial future for BOLT. Every week, a dedicated crew of five to eight committee members meets in a small, slightly smelly room on the second floor of Faunce to check-in, eat mediocre candy, and discuss our fundraising projects.

Eulogy for Dear Swimmy

by Liz Schibuk
This fall, all-female Group J got an 11th--and male--member: Swimmy, the waterbug that had proven highly iodine-resistant and spent the week living in a Nalgene since our first night. How we said goodbye to Swimmy and hello to a year full of new friendships...

.OLEEP Update

by Dan Sonshine
The Outdoor Leadership Environmental Education Project is having a bit of an identity crisis. OLEEP is based on a partnership between the Met school and Brown formed ten years ago by BOLTers as a way to apply the principles and ideals learned in BOLT.

What's in a Name?

by Jesse Cohen
BOLT has been struggling with this weighty question for the past two years. For ages, since the first BOLT men and women strode proudly up Thayer Street, BOLT has been made up of Leaders and Participants. What we’re called now, and why it’s changed...

BOLT: A Day in the Life ?

by Rachel Brett
Five days in the woods with no shower
And I surely don’t smell like a flower
But though my scent is quite foul
I just smile and pick up my trowel...

BOLT's Big Move

by Jesse Cohen
Change is in store for the Main Green—and for BOLT. Rhode Island Hall is soon to be the new location of Brown’s infamous Joukowsky Institute for Archeology and the Ancient World and the lovable and sometimes slightly smelly BOLT Gear Room has already moved to a great new home.

A BOLT Perspective

by Shawn Manchester
With graduation approaching, I have grown increasingly reflective with regards to my Brown experience. The single thing I inevitably return to each time I take this mental trip through my 4 years at school is BOLT.



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