New Transfer Applications (BOLTer deadline 7/15)

We love having transfers in BOLT!

BOLT is the only outdoor orientation program in the country specifically for college sophomores, transfer students and resumed undergraduate students. BOLT believes in supporting those entering their second year of college. BOLT provides an opportunity to meet new people, develop a new community, and challenge yourself. BOLT introduces students to people, ideas and experiences they might not have otherwise encountered. The BOLTer program begins with a five-day backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and continues back on campus with a series of events throughout the fall.

The goal of the fall program is to provide support and mentoring, create opportunities for experiential learning and leadership and promote community and individual relationships for BOLT leaders and BOLTers.

Students who transfer to Brown in the Fall are eligible to apply to be BOLTers.

Students who transfer in the fall to Brown as a newly enrolled student or as a newly enrolled RUE (resumed undergraduate) student are eligible to apply to be BOLTers for our fall program as a part of their first semester at Brown.

Additionally, new transfer and RUE students are eligible to apply to be Leaders that following spring (you do not need to be a BOLTer to apply to be a leader).

Students who transfer to Brown in the spring (January) may chose between two options for involvement. They are eligible to apply to be leaders and, if selected, they would participate in Leader training during their first semester on-campus or they are eligible to apply to be BOLTers and go on a BOLT trip in the fall of their first year at Brown. (They could apply to be leader after being a BOLTer.)

Learn more about being a BOLTer here. Learn more about being a BOLT leader here!