What does it mean to be a BOLTer?

BOLT is the only outdoor orientation program in the country specifically for college sophomores, transfer students and resumed undergraduate students. BOLT believes in supporting those entering their second year of college. BOLT provides an opportunity to meet new people, develop a new community, and challenge yourself. BOLT introduces students to people, ideas and experiences they might not have otherwise encountered. The BOLTer program begins with a five-day backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and continues back on campus with a series of events throughout the fall.

The Trip: The five-day backpacking trip provides BOLT groups with a shared wilderness experience. BOLTers learn valuable technical skills, including how to set up a shelter and cook on a camp stove. Individuals challenge themselves and learn to rely on one another within in a supportive group setting. BOLTers and their leaders get to know each other, bond and develop their leadership skills through this common experience. Please review our page that outlines "a day in the life" of a BOLT Trip and what to anticipate or prepare for as a participant. 

The Fall: During the fall individual groups continue to meet. Leaders serve as peer mentors and group members support one another. Past BOLT groups have engaged in a variety of activities from weekly dinners to apple picking excursions. There are also a number of ALL BOLT events (calendar). Past events have included BOLT Wars, a Backcountry Baking workshop, a Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Dinner and a Talent Show night. 

BOLT is truly a diverse, loving, and supportive community that can lead to life long friends.

If you have further questions look in the FAQ and the other pages of our site. You may also email the BOLT managers at bolt@brown.edu

"I was amazed at how well my group took over responsibility from the trip. I am incredibly proud of them and feel that BOLT is one of the few places where one can learn real-life lessons that will remain with you forever. When I look back on my college years, I believe I will remember the lessons from BOLT over any course or reading I do." - BOLTer 2004