BOLTer Calendar 2015

New BOLTers! Please save the dates and times!

Other events can be scheduled based on interests.

The visual/text version of the calendar is below the google calendar show.



Spring 2016

- Sun May 1, 1pm-2:30pm: New BOLTer meeting for current students who are newly accepted BOLTers.

An introduction for all accepted BOLTers to learn about logistics of preparing for the trip, to meet Leaders and other BOLTers, and to learn what the program is all about.


Fall 2016

BOLT groups meet regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters (usually over dinner). In addition, there are a number of events for all BOLT groups.

- Aug 27 (Sat): 8:30-5pm: Please return to Brown by this time to pick up your key from Residential Life and move into your room. Brown Meal plans start up on Sep 5th or 8th depending on whether you are new or returning students. See below.

*If you live on-campus and need an extra day due to flight schedules due to religious observances or for long distrance travel such as CA to RI or international travel, please let the summer managers know. They can submit an earlier arrival date to accommodate your travel and travel recovery needs based on our agreement with Res Life.

- Aug 28 (Sun): 12 noon-7pm: Pre-Trip Prep Meeting in Alumnae Hall.  *absolutely required Pre-trip Meeting.
Here you will meet your Leaders and fellow BOLTers, receive requested gear, pack your packs, make sure you have everything, start working iwth your group and get ready to go.

- Aug 29-2 (Mon-Fri) 6:40 am 48 Olive St: Fall Trip! 

- Sep 2 (Fri) 7-9pm: Post Trip Banquet, Alumnae Hall

- Sep 3 (Sat) New Transfer and RUE students orientation and meal plan begins with breakfast.

- Sep 4 (Sun) 9:30am-1pm: Gear Cleanup & Informal Debrief in Alumnae Hall -- LEADERS BRING your Leader Packets and receipts. Email us over the summer if you have Meiklejohn Training, we need to factor this into our planning for BOLT group debrief activities, gear recollection and clean-up.

- Sep 6 (Tues) Returning students - academic year meal plan starts at breakfast.

- Sep 10 (Sat) 11-1: BOLT Olympics (formerly BOLT Wars - like unit Wars BOLT style).  Pembroke Field

- Sep 12 (Mon-Sat) BOLT group gatherings and check in.

- Week of Sep 19th Leaders schedule 1:1 check-ins with their BOLTers

- Sep 22 (Thurs) from 8pm-9pm: Slide Show and Photo Contest. Salomon 001.

- Sep 29 (Thurs) 7:30-9:30pm Leadership Workshop 1: Leadership Styles & Communication Skills

- Mid October - Family Group Gatherings/Events

- Mid October (tba) -- Join us for a night with Social Justice Peer Educators (SJPE) "The Wilderness Is Not Your Playground: Settler Colonialism and the "Wilderness" in North America.  Come learn more and engage in conversations about "the wilderness" as it relates to a US history of power, privilege, oppression and landownership.  Lean more to support societal change in attitudes and challenge the "master narrative" of who our society and media presents as belonging in "the outdoors", in the woods and in our national parks.

- Mid to late October - Leaders schedule 1:1 check-ins with their BOLTers

- Nov 2 (Wed) 7:30-9:30 pm Leadership Workshop 2:  Conversations on Inclusive Leadership.

- Nov 12 (Sat) from 5pm-7:30 pm: Thanksgiving Pot Luck Celebration and Charity Event. All BOLT, all BOLTer years and friends invited. Location: Central Congregational Church (296 Angell Street, come in side door by the office sign)

- Week of Dec 1st - BOLT Group's plan end of semester dinners together.

Other events can be scheduled based on interests.