Leader Calendar


Leaders provide mentoring and facilitate small group gatherings with their group on a regular basis and support BOLT's Fall Program, which is a calendar of events that promote community and skill development.


Leader Training 2014


All trainings are required for our leaders (see detailed info on Wilderness Medicine on this page).

If you have an unavoidable conflict with one of the training dates, please inform the managers before your interview.

We ask that you make your best effort to prioritize BOLT Training.


We are able to offer make-up sessions on a limited basis for some of the trainings, but please understand that if we have requests weekly across the members of the class, this becomes difficult for our managers. (They have classes too.)

Please also know that there are two weekend training dates that you must be able to fully attend and without exception and these include 1) Leader Retreat and 2) Inclusive Facilitation.

Additionally, we have a 5-day Training Trip in April that can only be missed by special permission from our Director. In the case of illness or injuries, we will hold the make-up training trip during the week after commencement. Travel and job start-dates may need to be adjusted.

In August, leaders must return to campus for a required training review and trip preparation schedule (see dates below). Please plan your travel accordingly to ensure that you are back in time to participate fully.

Our email is boltmanagers@gmail.com.

The 2014 Schedule

- Feb 19, 2014 (Wed) 7-10pm: Leader Intro Meeting - BERT 015 (Waterman St building with the Greenhouse on top)

- Feb 21 - Feb 22 (Fri-Sat): Leader Retreat* at Aldersgate Retreat Center Scituate, RI.
* Meet bus - Fri 2:30 pm @ Flag pole - Main Green (71 George St). *Returning Sat by 5 pm.

- Feb 26 (Wed) 7-10pm: Risk Management Intro and Leave no Trace- Kasper
- Feb 28 (Fri) 7pm-9pm: CPR Training - Petteruti
- Mar 1 (Sat) 10am-6pm: Wilderness First Aid Training pt. 1 - Wilson 302
- Mar 2 (Sun) 10am-6pm: Wilderness First Aid pt. 2 - Wilson 302
- Mar 5 (Wed) 7-10pm: Risk Management pt. 2 - Kasper
- Mar 12 (Wed) 7-10pm: Technical Skills - Kasper
- Mar 15 (Sat) 10am-5pm: Inclusive Facilitation* - BERT 015
- Mar 19 (Wed) 7-10pm Mentors TT Prep - Kasper

-Spring Break

- April 1 (Tue) 7-10pm: Pre-Training Trip Prep Meeting - Hillel for gear first, then Petteruti for food and meetings
- Apr 2 (Wed) Depart for 5-day Training Trip. Meet bus at 2:30

-- Hike the AT in NJ/PA Delaware Water Gap --

- Apr 6 (Wed) Return around dinner time from Training Trip

- Apr 9 (Wed) 7-10pm: Training Trip Debrief - Kasper

-Spring Weekend-

- Apr 13 (Sun) Co-leader Matching. **Leaders must be available between 1pm-7pm for phone calls. Mentors will meet from 10-6pm in BERT 015.


- Apr 16 (Wed) Co-leader Communication - Kasper


- Apr 23 (Wed) 7-10pm: Behind Closed Doors Scenario Night - Wilson 302 w/ additional scenario spaces in rooms 301, 304, 203, 204, 205 (6 rooms)

-Reading Period-

- April 26 (Sat) 12:30pm-3:00pm BOLTer Pre-Summer Meeting - BERT 130, Carmichael Hall w/main green

- April 30 (Wed) 7-10pm: Final Spring Training -- Closing Activities, Reflection Activities and a nice BOLT Tradition. - Kasper

-Finals Period-

Pre-site Trips for BOLT Leaders for Route review and terrain familiarity begin and will continue into the summer

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Upgrade Course.

- May 17 -May 23 (Sat-Fri): WFR Upgrade Course. Leaders must have a valid CPR and WFA certification from an approve reciprocity course (see below) to enroll. - Wilson 302


FYI --- Save the Dates and Begin Planning!

Pre-Site Trips:All Leaders must have a level of familiarity with backpacking and the terrain of the White Mountains of New Hampshire in order to lead a group for our annual Fall Trip. 

We also need at least one leader (ideally more) that is familiar with the assigned route that the leader team will be facilitating a group experience on for the Fall Trip.
To meet these goals/criteria, we have leaders complete a 2-3 day “Pre-site trip” between the end of May through early August. (see additional links for info, planning, timeline)

-late May through early August: Pre-site Trips (involves around half the leader class and may apply to you.)

- May 23-May 25 (Fri-Sun): Commencement Weekend

- May, 24, 2013 (Sat) -- 5pm-7pm: BOLT's Annual Commencement and Reunion Reception at Machado

Machado House, 87 Prospect Street. Refreshments provided.

All leaders past and present, please join us in an event that celebrates with our graduating seniors and welcomes back our BOLT alums!

- Aug 20 (Wed) 8:30am-5pm: Move back in! - or earlier (see summer/fall details below). Leader Training Review is required in order to lead a fall trip group for BOLT.

Wilderness Medicine Certification Information

All leaders must be certified in CPR and in wilderness medicine at one of the following levels: Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness EMT (W-EMT) and CPR at the "Heartsaver CPR level" or higher.

We contract with SOLO Wilderness Medicine School, one of the oldest operating Wilderness Medicine Schools in the country, to provide CPR and our wilderness medicine certicication courses for our leaders.

Leader Financial Aid: We have financial assistance available to support our leaders with the tuition costs. Please come and talk with Shelley if you need support from the program. It is an informal process -- a conversation; so, don't hestiate to pop by her office in the campus center for a private conversation.

CPR & Wilderness First Aid (WFA) = 18 hours ($35+$85 = a $120 course fee):

The CPR and Wilderness First Aid Courses (offered for BOLT in March) are a national certification courses. By hosting it on-campus, we can subsidize the cost to offer it at one of the best rates going for leaders. 

The CPR course provides a national certication from the American Heart Association "Heartsaver CPR level" certication.

The CPR and WFA class is capped at 40 for enrollment; this means that, most years, we only have room for past and current BOLT leaders.

Although BOLT is able to offer the course for its leaders on campus, leaders may already have this level of certification or they may choose to take the course elsewhere on their own time. 

Wilderness First Responder Upgrade Course = 60 more hours (a $300 course fee):

We will need 22 leaders from the leader class to enroll in the course. This allows us to have at least one leader on each route certified at the WFR or WEMT level, plus have flexibility to complete leader matching or fill vacancies when someone is sick or injured.

We host a course for this certification level in two parts -- Wilderness First Aid in March then a WFR Upgrade course in May. You must hold a current/valid CPR and WFA certification level from either SOLO Schools or one of the reciprocity programs identified below.

The WFR Upgrade class is capped at 25 for enrollment.  Most years, we have room for a few Brown students who either have a valid EMT certification or WFA certification to enroll.

Info for WFR Recerts & WFR Upgrades

1) Leaders may re-cert their WFR certifications with a WFA course, if their certification has not expired and was obtained by one of the schools that SOLO recognizes for reciprocity of certifications.

2) Leaders may enroll in the WFR upgrade course if their WFA certification has not expired and it was obtained by one of the schools that SOLO recognizes for reciprocity of certifications.

3) SOLO has reciprocity with the following 5 programs that use their same curriculum for WFA and WFR:

  2. WMA - Wilderness Medical Associates
  3. Desert Mountain Medicine in Colorado
  4. Wilderness Medicine Training Center in Washington.
  5. University of Vermont's Program for Wilderness Medicine

4) Enrollment in BOLT's WFA & WFR upgrade courses is limited and prioritzed to meet the needs of the program (training the leaders); however, from time to time, there is a space or two available for Brown students. Contact our program director if you are interested.

Fall Semester 2014

Training Review and Trip Prep is required.

- Aug 20 (Wed) 8:30am-5pm: Move back in! - or earlier

We have work to do and skills to dust off. Let's get ready for our BOLTers.

Please plan your travel accordingly to ensure that you are back in time to participate fully.

For on-campus housing, key pick-up at Res Life is during regular business hours: 8:30-5pm.

-- For leaders traveling long distances, such as from the West coast or outside the US, please request a Tuesday arrival to assist with jet lag and flight delay issues. We can submit a special request for housing. --

- Aug 21 (Thur): 12-5pm: Training Review and Trip Prep, Petteruti Lounge
- Aug 22 (Fri): 12-5pm: Training Review, Petteruti Lounges
- Aug 23 (Sat): 12am-5pm: Training Review and Trip Prep
- Aug 24 (Sun): 9:30am-7pm: Pre-Trip Meeting in Alumnae Hall.  BOLTers arrive @ noon
- Aug 25-29 (Mon-Fri) 6:30am 48 Olive St: Fall Trip! 
- Aug 29 (Fri) 7-9pm: Post Trip Banquet, Multipurpose Room
- Aug 31 (Sun) 10am-1pm: Gear Cleanup & Informal Debrief in Alumnae Hall
- Sep 2 (Tue) 7-10pm: Fall Trip Debrief for Leaders, Multipurpose Room

- Sep 3 (Sun) 10-12 noon: BOLT Wars. Pembroke Field

- Sep 8ish (Mon-Sat) BOLT group gatherings and check in.

- Sep 15 (Mon)-- First Steering Committee Meeting! Faunce, Memorial Room
- Sep 17 (Wed) 7-10pm: Supporting your BOLTers: Hot Topics with Dean Carol Cohen

- Sep 18 (Thurs) from 8pm-9pm: Slide Show and Photo Contest. Salomon 001.

- Sep 20 (Sat) 9:30am-3:30pm: Steering Committee Retreat. Haffenrefer Outing Reservation

- Sep 27 (Sat) Leadership Workshop 1

- Oct 25 (Sat) Leadership Workshop 2

Managers make contact with family groups re first activities: early October

- Nov 15 (Sat) from 5pm-9pm: Thanksgiving Pot Luck Celebration and Charity Event. All BOLT, all BOLTer years and friends invited.

- Dec 1 (Mon) 7:30pm-9pm: Last Steering Committee of the Semester. Silkscreening and other fun.

- Reading Period Hot Cocoa Break: TBA (reading period is Dec 7-11, finals are 12-20)

Additional optional events may be scheduled during the fall. Stay Tuned! If you would like to help with planning, let us know!