Resources for Leaders

The White Mountains

  1. Appalachian Mountain Club - The AMC focuses on conservation, education, and recreation in the White Mountains, and they've done so since 1876. The Club is actually American's oldest conservation organization and by maintaining trails the club keeps the White Mountains we hike on beautiful and accessible. The Club offers summer and full-time jobs that past and present BOLT members have done; openings are listed on their website. You can also check out the the AMC backpacker sites for more information.
  2. Randolph Mountain Club - The Club maintains a network of nearly 110 miles of hiking trails, principally on the northern slopes of Mount Madison, Mount Adams, and Mount Jefferson in the Presidential range of the White Mountain National Forest, and on the Crescent Range in the town of Randolph, NH. (Groups O&P travel on some of the RMC trails). The Club offers jobs clearing and maintaining trails for outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. 4,000 Footers Club - This site includes fun information about the trails we hike. It's a "peakbagging" site (meaning they try to climb as many peaks in as short a time as possible), so keep this in mind. The estimates for time may differ as they often hike with light weight packs and only a day bag.

Outdoor Leadership Schools

Graduate Programs

  1. University of New Hampshire - Outdoor Education Programs
  2. Prescott College -Adventure Education, Experiential Ed and Sustainability
  3. Minnesota State University at Mankato
  4. Georgia College and State University
  5. Indiana University (Parks, tourism, Recreation)
  6. Indiana University (Recreational Therapy)

Wilderness Training Programs

  1. National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
  2. Outward Bound
  3. Greenfield Community College - Outdoor Leadership Program

Outdoor and Environmental Jobs

  1. Association for Experiential Education - This organization provides BOLT's accreditation and has good information about the Field of Experiential Education, including jobs, conferences and, events.
  2. Princeton Guide to Outdoor and Environmental Careers - This site, published by Princeton's Outdoor Action Program, has many great links and resources, including career information.
  3. - Job listings for and information about over 29,000 non-profit and community organizations in the U.S. and abroad.