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Dining Services Administration

Chase, Robert Facility & Sustainability Manager
Curran, Jessie Dietitian
Hoffman, Ann Director, Administration and Human Resources
Lynch, Emily Marketing and Communications Specialist, Web Coordinator
Pacholke, Ashley Purchasing Supply Chain Analyst
Phillips, Richie Assistant Director, Finance & Systems
Rossi, Peter Interim Director
Sidla, Claire Director, Residential Dining
Tancrell, Jane Assistant Buyer
Teixeira, Gerry Purchasing Manager

Administrative Support Staff

Anderson, Al Systems Coordinator / Cashier
Lovell, Diane Office Manager
Pesce, Joanne Payroll
Plante, Alisha Human Resources Coordinator
Sargent, Lisa Student Meal Contracts and Billing

Culinary Team

Fitzsenry, Aaron Assistant Chef
Monast, Steve Production Manager
O'Shea, John Executive Chef
Smith, Christina Bakery Production Manager

Residential Dining Team

Couto, Jean Supervisor, Dining Operations (Refectory)
DeBobes, Sean Assistant Manager for Residential Dining
Harrop, Katherine Supervisor, Dining Operations (Refectory)
Mathews, Kevin Supervisor, Dining Operations (Refectory)
Murray, Paul Supervisor, Dining Operations (Verney-Woolley)
Parris, Janet Manager, Dining Operations (Verney-Woolley)
Pratt, Tom Supervisor, Dining Operations (Refectory/Ivy Room)

Retail Dining Team

Antetomaso, Tony Supervisor, Retail Operations
Cook, Richard Assistant Manager, Retail Operations (Josiah's)
Bergheimer, Brandi Supervisor, Retail Operations (Josiah's)
Dorius, Kirby Culinary Manager, Retail Operations
Larue, Jacques Director, Retail Dining
Noyes, Bobby Assistant Director of Retail Dining
Assistant Manager, Retail Operations (Andrews Commons)
Rathbun, James Supervisor, Retail Dining (Express Delivery and Carts)
Rea, Michelle Supervisor, Retail Dining (Ivy Room Nights)
Whittaker, Linda Assistant Manager, Retail Operations (Blue Room and Campus Market)

Catering Team

Barboza, George Service Supervisor
Brown, Pama Banquet Captain
Ceh Castillo, Felipe Catering Director
Fonseca, Kathleen Catering Events Coordinator
Pegg, Phil Operations Supervisor
Volpe, Kelly Catering Office Coordinator
Tevyaw, Dawn Banquet Captain
Travers, Jennifer Catering Events Coordinator
Veiga, Louise Administrative Assistant
Warner, Paul Banquet Captain
Wing, Charlotte Banquet Captain

Student Management Office for BuDS Workers

Ricci, Giulia Unit Manager (Refectory & Verney-Woolley)
Goosby, Khari Unit Manager (Josiah's)
Gunanathan, Geetanjali (GG) Unit Manager (Café Carts)
Franzen, Tessa Cashier Manager
Lopez, America Unit Manager (Blue Room & Campus Market)
Ortiz, Alecia Catering Prep Manager
Pete, Tionne General Manager
Salazar, Nikteha (Nika) Unit Manager (Ivy Room)
Young, Adrian Unit Manager (Andrews Commons)
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