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Express Delivery Survey

What do you think?

We are always looking to improve our Express Delivery service. Your feedback to these few short questions will help us to know what's working, address any issues and improve our service.

1. Please rate various aspects of our Express Delivery service:
  Poor   Good   Amazing  
  1 2
3 4 5 N/A
Ordering process
Menu selection
Delivery timeliness
Delivery Accuracy
Food quality
Food quantity
Billing process

2. If you answered either 5 (Amazing) or 1 (Poor) for any of the above, we'd love to hear why:

3. Which events do you typically use Express Delivery for?
(check all that apply)
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Coffee Break Snack

4. How often do you order from Express Delivery?
(choose one)
Once Every semester Every month Every week More than once a week

5. Are there any additional menu options we do not currently offer that would be helpful to you in planning your events?

6. Please share anything else that stood out about your experience with us:

Thank you for being a Brown Dining customer.


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