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Payment Options

Everyone's Welcome

Are you a staff or faculty member who frequents the Ivy Room for lunch? Or perhaps you are a guest on campus? Or maybe you're not on a meal plan, but can't live without the muffins at the Blue Room?

Either way, you don't have to have a meal plan to enjoy the convenience, speedy service and refreshing meals at a Brown Dining eatery. Though a meal plan will give you the best value, you can use a variety of payment options at our eateries, including cash.

There are also special Dining Dollars that can be purchased by departments for guests visiting the campus.

Meals? Points? Bear Bucks?
All on Your Brown Card

In addition to giving you access to buildings on campus, your Brown Card with your photo ID is your key to using meals, points and Bear Bucks at our eateries.

You can direct questions or issues about your card to the Brown Card Office, which is located in J. Walter Wilson and is open daily. Their phone number is (401) 863-2273. Missing cards should be reported immediately.

Pay with... For... Details
Meal Credits Students Meals and meal credits are associated with meal plans that students sign up for. Students on weekly meal plans can use up to 3 meals per day at the Refectory or Verney-Woolley; there is no maximum for students with Flex meal plans. Up to 2 meals per day can be used as meal credits (valued at $6.80 each; $13.60 max) at retail eateries: the Gate, Josiah's or nighttime at the Ivy Room. Sign ups and changes are coordinated through our 144 Thayer St. office.
FlexPlus Points Students Flex Points come bundled with meal plans and each point translates to $1 at any of our eateries. If you eat a lot of meals at campus snack bars, it may be convenient to add some extra points to your meal plan. Additional points can be purchased by meal plan holders at our 144 Thayer St. office.
Bear Bucks Faculty, staff, students Brown Card holders may open a Bear Bucks Account at any time. The Bear Bucks Account can be used to make purchases without cash at any Brown University location that accepts Bear Bucks as a form of payment, including Brown Dining Services, The Brown Bookstore, Computer Store, Campus Shop, Rockefeller Library and the College Hill Cafe located in the Bookstore. The Bear Bucks Account may also be used to purchase copy and print services. Learn more or open an account at the Brown Card Office.
Dining Dollars Guests of the University Dining Dollars are purchased in quantity by University departments for their visitors. They are available in denominations of $1, $5 and $10. Dining dollars are equivalent to cash at all of our eateries across campus, but are not cash refundable. Contact Kathy Fonseca at 863-2712 to inquire for your departmental guests.
Credit Cards Everyone Credit cards are accepted at any the Blue Room, Campus Market, Ivy Room, and Poppy's, and may also be used at the Brown Faculty Club or to pay for Catering functions.
Cash Everyone Faculty, staff, visiting friends and parents, don't despair. Brown Dining eateries also accept cash. Additionally, personal checks are welcome before the first day of reading period with an accompanying photo ID. Travelers checks may be used at anytime with a photo ID.
Please note that Meals cannot be used at the Blue Room, Café Carts and Campus Market.
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